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Casting & Filling

a) A master model is made in a hard alloy such as nickel silver (a copper-nickel-zinc alloy) or often in silver.


b) A rubber mould is made by surrounding the master model with sheet rubber in a mould frame.


c) A wax injector which injects molten wax, often under a vacuum to remove air from the mould. 


d) The waxes are assembled into a 'tree' around a central feeder or sprue. 


e) The investment mould is then carefully heated in the burn-out oven in set stages to the maximum burn-out temperature of 750°C for several hours and then cooled down to the temperature required for casting (typically in range 450 - 650°C).


f) The hot flask is placed in a casting machine. 


At Hatam, we use the latest technology in casting (Static vacuum casting machine) along with the best alloys to attain the highest quality and mounting, free from pores and rough surfaces. Nevertheless the mountings are filed down for a smooth and desirable surface. 


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